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Quick premium indication

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Please be aware that this is an indication only and is not a definitive premium

This indication has been based on the client being a UK resident with the risk meeting the following criteria:

  • The risk is a house
  • The risk is not grade listed
  • The risk is not a commercial property
  • The risk is of standard construction – defined as constructed with brick, stone or concrete and roofed solely from brick, stone or concrete
  • Has not suffered from a loss in the last 5 years whether insured or not
  • Has not suffered from or in an area prone to flooding
  • Has not suffered from or in an area prone to Subsidence
  • Where unoccupied, no heavy refurbishment work is being carried out
  • Where unoccupied, no planning permission is required or being sought

All indications are subject to a satisfactory completed Statement of Fact.

If you have a query regarding this risk or any details you feel we should be made aware of please either complete a full Statement of Fact by using the “Get Full Quote” option,
or contact U-SURE directly on 01633 838976.