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Multi Premises

Multi Premises

For owners of multiple premises

  • Professional Lets
  • Student Lets
  • DSS Housing
  • Unoccupied Risks

Unoccupied Commercial

For unoccupied commercial properties

  • Unoccupied Shops
  • Unoccupied Public Houses
  • Unoccupied Offices
  • Unoccupied Warehouses

Short Term residential unoccupied properties

For short term residential unoccupied properties

  • 3 Month Unoccupied Policies
  • 6 Month Unoccupied Policies
  • Three Levels of Cover

Heavy Refurbishment

For unoccupied properties undergoing heavy refurbishment

  • Long Term Unoccupied
  • Planning Consent Required
  • Heavy Refurbishment Work
  • Unoccupied with Outstanding Claims

Light Refurbishment

For unoccupied properties undergoing light refurbishment

  • To Be Let
  • To Be Sold
  • To Be Owner Occupied
  • Light refurbishment Work Accepted

Landlord and Standard Unoccupied L1,L1+,L2

For residential let properties

  • Professional
  • DSS
  • Student
  • Holiday Home/Second Home
  • Unoccupied to be let or sold (no refurbishment)


For Land

  • Public Liability

Hybrid Unoccupied / Owner Occupied

For Hybrid Unoccupied / Owner Occupied

  • Unoccupied property undergoing renovation


For commercial property owners

  • Occupied Shops
  • Occupied Day Nurseries
  • Occupied Offices
  • Occupied Warehouses

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